Medical Marijuana Coming to Texas??

Medical Marijuana may be coming to TEXAS!!!

State Senator Jose Menendez (D-San Antonio) announced that on Tuesday (12/13/2016) he will be filing a Bill that would allow people with debilitating and chronic conditions to get a prescription for cannabis from a doctor. This is really great news for people who suffer from Cancer, PTSD, and Chronic Pain just to name a few.

Dwight Clark, the director of legislation for Senator Menendez, said that cannabis will be prescribed under strict controls. It will also build on the Texas Compassionate Use Act that was passed last year.

Don’t get too excited though. The Bill faces an uphill challenge. First, the make up of the Texas State Congress is still very conservative. There is hope that some of the more libertarian leaning Republicans will see the economic benefits of legalization and recognize that the government has no business telling individuals what they can do with their own lives.

Sadly Gov. Greg Abbott has previously stated that he will veto any Medical Marijuana law that is passed.

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