New Bill will Reduce Criminal Penalties related to Marijuana

House Bill 81 has been filed by Representative Joe Moody in an attempt to replace arrests and jail time with civil fines. This bill would effectively decriminalize small amounts of marijuana held for personal use. Follow this link to see a copy of the bill.

In summary, HB 81 would make it a civil fine not to exceed $250 for the possession of marijuana in an amount less than an ounce. So if you are carrying less than an ounce your maximum fine is $250. HB 81 also prohibits an officer from arresting you solely because you have an ounce of marijuana or less in your possession. If the Court believes that an individual is indigent then the fine can be waived and replaced by no more than 10 hours of community service.

This is great news for those of us in the State of Texas working towards the legalization of marijuana. Make sure to contact your state representative and state senator to show your support for House Bill 81.


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