1984_14_eventIn George Orwell’s “1984”the Thought Police review the individuals every decision. They push people to conform to GroupThink and give up their rights and thoughts as individuals.

In many way the “War on Drugs” has done the same thing to Americans.  People here, particularly here in Texas, have formed an opinion on marijuana based on commercial slogans like “This is your Brain on Drugs”. They assume marijuana is bad because they have been told it is bad. They have not experienced it. They have not used the CBD oil to help with arthritis or the THC to easy the pain of cancer. Other states have started to recognize the medicinal and economic benefits of marijuana while Texas gets left behind.

I am writing this blog because Texas is my home. I believe there is no compelling reason for the prohibition of marijuana and I also believe that millions of Texans can benefit from this new cash crop.

I hope that you enjoy reading and I encourage you to share your thoughts and questions with us.


Matthew and Kate


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