Medical Marijuana Coming to Texas??

Medical Marijuana may be coming to TEXAS!!! State Senator Jose Menendez (D-San Antonio) announced that on Tuesday (12/13/2016) he will be filing a Bill that would allow people with debilitating and chronic conditions to get a prescription for cannabis from a doctor. This is really great news for people who suffer from Cancer, PTSD, and… Continue reading Medical Marijuana Coming to Texas??


“Gonzo” Pot Coming to Colorado

Hunter S. Thompson was a journalist, writer, and poet.  He is probably best known for writing “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.  He is also the writer of “The Rum Diaries”. His journalistic style was termed “Gonzo” as it blurred the lines between fact and fiction.  Thompson is reported to have lived all over the… Continue reading “Gonzo” Pot Coming to Colorado


Thanksgiving Marijuana Recipes

If you are looking for a last minute recipe for Thanksgiving day check out these recipes from Green Rush Daily. If you are looking for dessert ideas check out our go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. Chewy Chocolate Chip Pot Cookies This is one of the simplest recipes that makes some fantastic cookies that cook quick… Continue reading Thanksgiving Marijuana Recipes


The Cannabis Plant in the New World

Marijuana has been around for thousands of years. It is only recently that we have tried to make it illegal. For most of human history it has been a source of fiber for textiles, a medicine for many aches and pains, and of course a recreational intoxicant to be enjoyed responsibly. Since Thanksgiving is almost… Continue reading The Cannabis Plant in the New World


New Bill will Reduce Criminal Penalties related to Marijuana

House Bill 81 has been filed by Representative Joe Moody in an attempt to replace arrests and jail time with civil fines. This bill would effectively decriminalize small amounts of marijuana held for personal use. Follow this link to see a copy of the bill. In summary, HB 81 would make it a civil fine… Continue reading New Bill will Reduce Criminal Penalties related to Marijuana